English Language Nuances

Mindful usage of the word very

A lot of recent research centred on using communicative English Language tells us that we have grown lazy!

Language is the poetry of the heart and should know no shortcuts. What is actually happening these days in the ‘touch button technology’ era is that we have started looking for quick fix expressions. Moreover usage of powerful adjectives has made commonplace by simply adding the prefix – ‘very’
Let’s pause, let’s not be lazy, let’s allow the neurons to strengthen their sheath and the occipital lobe and the frontal lobe deliver their best. The below list has some words for mindful usage in English language, hope it helps you all.

PrettyVery prettyBeautiful
BeautifulVery beautifulExquisite
WiseVery wiseSagacious
CapableVery capableAccomplished
SeriousVery seriousSolemn
AngryVery angryFurious
brightVery brightDazzling
DirtyVery dirtySqualid
NeatVery neatImmaculate
PoorVery poorDestitute
RiskyVery riskyPerilous
strongVery strongUnyielding
RoomyVery roomySpacious
TiredVery tiredexhausted
WeakVery weakFeeble
LivelyVery livelyVivacious
LargeVery largeColossal
hungryVery hungryRavenous
HappyVery happyJubilant
CleanVery cleanSpotless
BigVery bigSubstantial
SadVery sadDespondent
healthyVery healthyRobust
MuchVery muchAmple/copious
OftenVery oftenRecurrent
affectionateVery affectionateWarm hearted
BriefVery briefCursory /fleeting
BadVery badShoddy/unacceptable
LateVery lateBehind schedule
SlowVery slowLagging /sluggish

At Little Millennium preschools we encourage and educate the parents continuously with innovative ideas and thoughts that they can practice in there day to day life. Especially it helps kids learn faster, when their parents are using the right English language and avoiding these nuances!

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