Infinite Ways Of Saying “I Love You” To Your Child

‘Do not worry if your child does not listen to you. Worry about the fact that he/she is always observing you. Your child will emulate what he/she observes rather than what he/she hears’.
That is perhaps the reason why all research around early childhood care urges the parents to ‘walk the talk’.
This blog on Parenting Tips, highlights the importance of making your child feel loved. It may not always be verbal but through your actions you can convey your love.

For eg. Children learn respect by watching the adults interact with each other.

Children learn to share by watching adults practise the same.
Children learn about courtesy by watching how their family members treat others.
Children also learn to love their teachers by hearing their parents talk respectfully about her.
In a gist, children internalise all experiences and draw conclusions.

The same holds true while saying the three magical words – I love you – to your children.
Children don’t just need to be spoken about love. They need to feel loved, they need to nurture love and they need to absorb the emotion in its most tangible form!

Being verbal is not just the only way to show love for your child.

Let us look at some day to day chores, activities and quality time tasks that you could engage in with your children – because they loudly scream I LOVE YOU!

1.  When you tickle them silly when reading a story
2.  When you attend their School sports day and cheer loudly
3.  When you cook  their favourite meal
4.  When you watch their favourite cartoon show along with them
5.  When you laugh sportingly at their jokes
6.  When you listen attentively to what they have to say about anything under the sun
7.  When you drop a sudden kiss on their forehead
8.  When you sit with them and help them do their homework
9.  When you wipe their tears after a sudden burst of emotion
10. When you help them choose the dress they want to wear
11. When you teach them how to pray
12. When you volunteer as parent helper for their  Annual Day at school
13. When you bake a cake for his/her best friend’s birthday
14. When Mummy helps Daddy in his chores and when Daddy helps Mummy in the kitchen perhaps
15. When you help them set goals for any task
16. When you take them for  a surprise picnic
17. When you encourage them to always speak the truth
18. When you devise a secret handshake with them – which only you two know about
19. When you reward them for a job well done
20. When you make them brush their teeth while patiently standing by the sink
21. When you leave  them a cute little love note in their tiffin
22. When you put down the phone and attend to them
23. When you keep up all promises made
24. When you speak fondly about their class teacher
25. When you get over your fears and perhaps get them a pet to play with!

The list is infinite because love itself is infinite and has no shape or boundaries.

Do not fret unnecessarily in case you do not say the magical words, I love you, often to your child.
Instead, work at making your love come alive through your actions.

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