Parenting Is Much Like The Preschool Curriculum

Parenting is much like the Little Millennium Seven Petal Curriculum that your child is being nurtured under.

Just like children are first time learners, parents are also first time learners. The first time parents have no prior experience, they don’t get an opportunity to learn parenting in a school, and there are no courses to study to learn parenting.

Parenting’ falls under the Holistic and Experiential Preschool Curriculum as well. Your child and you are learners on the same curve.

Your journey as a parent begins under the tutoring of your innate sixth sense which rises to the fore the minute you blessedly turn into a parent. Nature and Nurture are your constant companions as you tread path on this delightful journey. You manage and maneuver your way through the first two years of child raising, relying on grandma’s advice, well wishers’ anecdotal records, neighbors’ suggestions and not to forget, your spouse’s guesses. You spend sleepless nights and work literally 25 hours in a 24-hour day. The giggles and laughter, the first touch, the first gurgle and the first toothy smile trudge you on your journey and lo and behold, your child is ready to step into the Preschool.

The Preschool comes to your rescue with a well-researched and mapped curriculum, ready to nurture your child with 21st Century skills.

But what about you? Is there no curriculum for you? Are you still to be left wondering, guessing, speculating and doubting?

Take heart my dear parents. Help is at hand. While I may not be able to give you a bag with books, I can guarantee that the parenting curriculum is much like the Seven Petal Curriculum, from Little Millennium, the best preschool chain in India. The same curriculum that your preschooler is also following.

How is that so?

Language Skills: Your child is beginning to learn languages. Little Millennium is teaching the child through phonic and sight words. Well, you happen to be learning the same way. Your lexicon is expanding to include strange sounds that mean ‘water’ or ‘mommy’ or ‘noooo’ etc. You begin to understand that the ‘frown’ on the face is a means of communication telling you that a huge tantrum is about to follow. You understand that ‘silence’ is a language that could mean that your precious crystal vase just broke seconds ago and the newly painted wall in your bedroom just got some crayon jungle drawings on it. You learn to understand before words are spoken. You are making great progress and the following year will see you hunting the dictionary for suitable alternates for ‘Not again’, ‘Why me’, ‘Listen to me’ and so on. The third and fourth year in your preschooler’s life will see you answering the ‘WH’ questions, like ‘Why Can’t I do this?’, ‘Where do babies come from?’, ‘Why can’t I chase dogs?’, ‘Why do people get sick?’, ‘Why can’t I stay up late?’, and so on. The questions keep flowing in all day long. When you run out of suitable answers my dear parents, your child’s teacher will come to your rescue with appropriate language. So take heart, you are doing well on this particular skill development, just like your child.

Cognitive Skills: Little Millennium, through its award-winning curriculum is nurturing the child’s Cognitive skills. Well, so are you nurturing yours. You start thinking of innovative and logical ways of saying ‘no’. You try to reason with your child as to why her chocolates are rationed and how do teeth get ‘holes’ in them. You analyze and put forth to your child, the logic behind putting the cookie jar out of their reach. And then at the end of a long day, you conclude that your parents had sound logic behind having only two children!

Fine Motor Skills: Your child is developing Fine Motor Skills at Little Millennium, through beading, tearing and pasting activities. You are almost there as well. You are lovingly putting together your smartphone screen that accidentally slipped from the butterfingers of your preschooler. You are deftly cleaning the keyboard of your laptop which just got some greasy handprints and just before you retire to bed, you pick up the gazillion toy cars, lego pieces and jumbo crayons that have a habit of slipping into all possible remote corners of your house. See, its all fine-motor skill development.

Gross Motor Skills: If we talk about the preschool nurturing Gross Motor Skills, well you beat the preschool hollow in this arena. You learn to crawl on all fours even though you can jolly well walk. You dive to save a falling glass, you run to save doors from banging, you push tricycles even though they have balancing wheels and you wash and iron clothes better than a New York Laundromat. You pass with flying colors parents.

Socio Emotional and Personal Awareness:Little Millennium teachers are engaging your child with Socio Emotional and Personal Awareness skills through role play, stories, drama and stage. My dear Parent, without having a textbook on this subject, you not only master this skill – you cover ‘out of syllabus’ curriculum as well. You learn to laugh without reason, your tears just drop without a warning, on a school holiday the living room of your beautiful house resembles a well-set battle field and if your child locks eyes with you over limited TV viewing, you are both up on stage as actors par excellence. The will is stronger than the skill here!

And lastly, when the Preschool pledges to nurture the Individual Potential of your child, believe me, as a parent, you are achieving the same.

Each parent has a unique parenting style that is beyond any definition and explanation. Your Parenting style is difficult to copy. You are so beautifully unique and exceptionally different.

And that’s why I always proclaim that Parenting is a blessing. The only curriculum it needs is the one that God and Nature wrote. The best lessons are the ones that you experience in the course of your parenting journey. Each child is a book that is best read by you and you alone.

No curriculum can define you. No Curriculum can confine you.

Wishing you a joyful journey ahead.

Little Millennium is a leading chain of preschools with over 600+ centers operational across 100+ cities in India. Its award winning and scientifically developed Seven Petal Curriculum, focuses on seven development areas like Language Development, Cognitivie Development, Fine Motor Skills Deveopment, Gross Motor Skills Development, Socio Emotional Development, Personal Awareness and Nurturing Individual Potential. To know more, please visit

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