Very often, educators struggle to get their class hooked on to Reading! And that’s when I say – Anticipation of joy is the key to all learning.
While introducing a reading task, be it a paragraph, a poem or a chapter, build up the anticipation. The reader (the child) must get excited to read further.
Why do children read? It is either to get entertained or to get more information/knowledge. So when the run-up to a Reading Class is like a trailer teaser, children get that urge to open up the text and find the answers.
⦁ For starters, you could just rustle up an instant rhyme or a song before introducing the chapter or book that has to be read. If I am introducing a Reading task based on rhyming words /Animals/ Forest/Wildlife/animal habitats & food, I could just whip up a 6 liner introductory rhyme that goes like this :
A deer I found one day, my dear
Smelling the flowers in my garden, so near
I thought he was grazing on the dark green grass
When I went closer, I think I heard a laugh
I am just sniffing the grass, the deer said with a pout
What I love to chew, is the tender shoots that sprout.

Ask the reader to simply focus on the word patterns for 5 minutes. The text, spellings, grammar, punctuation etc. And then ask them to begin reading.
Ask the students to focus on the text & highlight 5 rhyming words. And then begin the reading task
Ask the children to focus on the text and draw 2 related images by the side of the text. And then begin the reading task
Ask the students to feel the picture that appears alongside the text, with their hands and eyes. Dwell on the picture for 2 minutes. And then begin to read.
It’s worth sharpening the axe before initiating the reading task. The results are fruitful and engaging.

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